The company produce  Turkey Turkish Float Glass,Turkey Turkish Tinted Glass,Reflective Glass,Laminated Glass,Patterned Glass,SolarGlass,Mirror Glass, Greenhouse Glass,Proceseed Glass

AYD Float Glass CO. delivers the highest quality products, at competitive prices and provides service to every customer that is second to none.
AYD Float Glass Co. employs highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

Throughout it's entire history the company has always striven to be the best and differ. 
Today the company has the greatest respect by the costumers and authorities for several completed projects.
The company activities are aimed at further improving quality through us of new technology along with innovative enviromentalist and more efficiency. AYD Glass CO  has timely delivery Products  with principles and it's reliability.

The many successful projects and happy customers of AYG Float Glass CO. can be attributed in essence to the company policy of understanding the customer’s needs and providing options that suit their requirements.
Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is our priority, and because we place quality at the heart of everything we do, you can feel confident that the results we achieve will be truly impressive.

Teamwork is a core value at AYD  Glass. We believe that the contributions of our employees are what make our company a leader in the global glass manufacturing industry. We have built new work rooms in the forming department with new technology to encourage teamwork when solving problems.


Health and safety are paramount and we make learning about safety fun. Every year we hold an Annual Safety Slogan event where people vote for the best safety slogan for the upcoming year. This year it is “Be safe every day and then enjoy tomorrow.” A serious message delivered in a not so serious way! We also have safety meetings and events routinely with wellness checks and sign-ups for all kinds of fun programs.


When we work together, there is nothing we can't accomplish. We take that to heart at AYD Glass and are proud of the collaboration and teamwork throughout our entire operation. We also maintain several Team Rooms where people from all over our facility meet and discuss ideas, suggest improvements and work together solving really tough challenges. We couldn't be prouder


We have one of the country's most advanced, state-of-the-art training facilities that truly sets the standard in our industry. In addition to on-site training, we have extensive programs to advance your career, build skills and learn new things. Nearly 20% of our team has been with us for over 30 years. At Ayd Glass we are always learning and we're not shy to say we think our people are hands down the best in the industry.